All of Me…

Yes. All. My entirety. Everything within me. Completely. In full. Every part of me is devoted to Him.

And though my devotion to Jesus is true and pure in heart, I still long for the deeper! Do you long for more depth? My prayer is for a clean and pure heart, to draw closer to the King, and to be who He would have me to be. To reach others for Him, to love those hard to love, and to trust Him more.

But if I may be transparent for a minute, trust is a difficult thing at times. Well it is for me. Does all of me trust Him? Completely? I desire to….but let’s dissect that for a second. What is trust? It is the firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. That’s a big definition. Jesus has more than proven He is trustworthy and reliable. But the onus is on me. On us. He’s done it all. So I need to do my part.

Nahum 1:7 says…

“The Lord is good, A stronghold in the day of trouble, And He knows those who take refuge in Him.”

This is the key. Refuge. I ask myself, are you taking refuge? Refuge is hiding in a safe place, taking shelter, and removing yourself from danger. In this crazy world, it’s crucial that we find our security in Jesus. He is the only Haven in these challenging days. I would say, “yes my refuge is in Him” but does ALL OF ME trust Him? I strive to give up all control. But the truth is when I feel that I need to control things for my own good and safety, then the trust is lacking. When we really trust friends, it’s a total surrendering, a firm trust in Him, in Who He says He is. We let go and let Him take over.

How can all of us allow and create a deeper trust? It’s important to saturate our hearts and minds in the Word, make a decision not to worry, and constantly monitor our thoughts. When negative thoughts try to come in, snag them immediately and replace them with His promises.

More than what He has done for all of us, He simply loves us. By this alone you can already trust Him. Jesus loved all of us “until the very end,” that’s why He died on the cross. He is so good. I will always give ALL OF ME to Him. I think at times we want to give Him parts of us. But the ALL is what changes us. When you give your complete self over to a trustworthy God, oh my friends, that’s when miracles take place. Not just a little bit or when it’s convenient, but to ALWAYS be in every moment with the Savior. Even in my imperfect humanity, I choose to love Him, trust Him and will live for Him. Always. Entirely. He has ALL of me. No place I’d rather be.

God Bless your souls,


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