Eyes Fixed….

In these times of chaos and uncertainty, we most assuredly need to keep our focus. So what is my focus? Quite simply, it is Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith. What are you fixed on? It’s a really important thing to observe. Let’s reevaluate. Are you getting yourself caught up in the strife and contention of this world? Are you fearing the way of the world and the pandemic? Are you allowing politics to cause division, resulting in a lack of biblical clarity? If this is the case, it is time to re-examine.

That’s not to say that we do not stand firm on what we stand for and believe in. We must stand strong in our convictions without swaying. As we do so, we can see clearly with Jesus as our guide. He is good, merciful, compassionate and loving. But He is also holy, just, reverent, and deserves our fervent respect. People cannot just do whatever they feel and want if contrary to Him and His Word. Does He always love? … for sure He does but He also hates evil.

Proverbs 15:9

The way of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord, but he loves him who pursues righteousness.

Psalm 145:20

The Lord preserves all who love him, but all the wicked he will destroy.

I know this may sound heavy but we need the whole truth. You cannot just take bits and pieces of what suits you. God desires ALL to come unto Him but He gives the choice. He is a gentleman. The world is in a rough way in that we are living in a time where selfishness is rampant. There is such divisiveness that many get lost in their own narratives. When this life and the things in it become skewed, it is so pivotal, as Christians, to remember the only Truth. It is Jesus and His word. He has all the answers. The entire human race is being shaken and we do not have to be. When we focus and remain fixed on Him, we can be at peace and take refuge in Him. Because He is not shaken, He is not surprised, and He is most certainly not beside Himself with what is going on around us. He is FIRM, secure, sovereign, unchanging, and full of truth.

And His truth is His person and in His word. There is clear direction on how to live. Every choice is not OK. And I feel that that is most where this world is becoming sorely lost. You can love all people no matter their choices. But the important part is as you love and reach out, that you also speak biblical truth to them because you love them. Loving someone is not agreeing with them all of the time. It’s being honest. I have very dear friends that speak truth to me. I would not want them telling me what I want to hear all of the time. Their love for me speaks honestly. It brings growth because they want what’s best for me. So how much more is Jesus’ truth? His truth sets us free.

You know that phrase, “Anything goes!”? Well, nah, I disagree. There are rules in life, at work, at school and at home. And there are rules and laws in the Bible. And they are not to be taken lightly. Anything does not go. He is full of grace and forgiveness but that comes with change. God is not a liar, His word is the absolute truth. So yes, love all but do so honestly, encouraging change. God loves people so deeply but He does so in truth.

In wrapping up, let’s bottom line the spirit of this blog. For me, my bottom line is to love God, love others with truth, stand firm in my beliefs, speak freely and in love and to be an example of Christ in all ways. And to do so, our eyes need to be fixed…on His truth. And in that truth, there’s peace, joy and freedom!

“We love truth because it’s the way we’re created by God. It’s built in, so to speak. And every step we take in the direction of valuing truth and resisting falsity moves us closer to understanding that God is Truth and to fulfilling Jesus’ promise that this all-important truth will heal us and make us free.”

God Bless your Souls!


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