At Odds…

What a world we are all living in. So many opinions, a slew of discord, clashing views, and a ton of self involved perspective.

Take John for instance, he is a staunch conservative, hates everything left, refuses to wear a mask because Covid in his mind is a farce! He attends church regularly and refuses to social distance.

Then you have Sally, a free spirited liberal who is open to everything except Christianity. She has been in quarantine and has offered to be a test subject for the Covid vaccine. She virtually spearheads the BLM movement in her local city.

Next is Lucy. She is a Christian who supports the Republican Party and our current president fiercely. She knows his bedside is not appropriate but voted for him and will again because he stands for and supports biblical values.

Last is Will. He veers toward the socialism view. He argues that in society everyone should hold equal wealth and there should not be any competition. But Will’s wife Marcy disagrees. She believes and tries to sway Will to believe that because of socialism, there can be no material incentive to work because one does not receive rewards for a work well done.

So many views. And there are many more not mentioned. But the differences and varying perspectives are not the problem, the real crutch is how people respond to one another when they disagree. Please hear me as I try to convey my heart. Everyone has the right to their own views. But just because they have that right, that does not mean we accept that view. The point here is when discord supersedes love, that is real the problem.

Listen, my goal is transparency as I write, speak and live. I am a bible believing christian. The Bible is the only truth to me! Not everyone agrees. I have wonderful friends who do not agree with my conservative views nor do they share my love for Christ. But we do not dismantle our friendship because of it. That said, my truth remains.

I have to admit, I do not understand a lot of other views. Honestly, I don’t. Oftentimes, I get infuriated and think why? How? I don’t get it. For example, pro-choice baffles me and yet many are. Abortion is murder. Point blank. I am prolife, I stand by it, life begins at conception. It is wrong. If you don’t agree, that is your choice. But it is when we let those thoughts consume us, that we can become hostile and frustrated by those who don’t agree. I’ve been there. But I say to myself…. you love Jesus and He loves people and wants to draw them unto Him. How can you be His witness if you are not loving? And here’s the kicker. BIG NEWS FLASH!! You do not have to agree to love. I am not all over the place with my views just because I want to love others. I am firm in my beliefs and stand secure in my faith. The ones in my life and others know where I stand. My conviction is strong. You do not have to be wishy washy to have friends with altering views. It’s funny because niceness can sometimes be misconstrued as weak or just going along with whatever someone else says. Not true. Niceness is not defined as being a doormat or having no firm stance. Believe me, you can be sweet and nice and have strong conviction!

So Tanya, tell us more, where do you stand? Well I’m glad you asked.

Do I wish that all would be Bible believers saved by God? Absolutely!

Am I against murdering of the unborn? Undeniably yes!

Do I pray and desire that all men, regardless of color, be treated equal? Without a doubt! I am perplexed and disgusted by racism.

Do I desire for folks to have freedom of speech and have the right to protest? Of course.

Do I support rioting and looting as part of a healthy protest? Heck no!

Are politics more important than the word of God? No!

Do I practice my right to vote? For sure!

How do I vote? Clear and simple. I vote for who stands for the principles in the Bible more. There’s never a perfect candidate because Jesus is the only perfect One.

Do I stand up for good and against evil? You better believe it.

Am I fearful of Covid? Nope.

Am I careful and prudent in protecting my family from it? Absolutely.

Do I feel that it is drawing closer to the end times? I truly do. No one knows the hour but the Bible speaks of events nearing the last days. And there are many things coming to fruition.

The Bible is clear. It is a guide for life and has all of the truth that we could ever need. My heart aches for this world. There is havoc all over and yet, people still push their own ways. Let’s prioritize what’s truly important and live intentionally. And by loving and living with intention, may others know Him by our love! Because His character is the end goal and so desperately what this world needs!

So much and many are ‘at odds’. I don’t see that changing unless the entire world believes the same. And at the risk of sounding pessimistic, that surely won’t happen.

So this is what I choose;

  • Love Jesus
  • Love others
  • Live His Word
  • Be a light in a dark dark world

So, at odds, or loving? I guess in the end, we can be both.

God Bless your souls,


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