Be Still…

“Be still and know that I am God.”

~Psalm 46:10

As we are forging ahead into a new year, I know there are many that are busying themselves with setting goals and making plans for another year of accomplishment and adventure. It is so exciting to start fresh and regain that nice clean slate! I know that I am determined to achieve what I have purposed and am praying for God’s help to accomplish it. But, while it is beneficial to set goals and stay active in an effort to avoid the stagnancy of life, we must also remember to take time to be quiet and still. When we are still, serenity takes hold for us to see and hear more clearly from the One who guides our paths.

It is in the quietness of mind that God can speak to us through His word, prayer, and fellowship. It is in the quietness of heart that we can recharge and yield ourselves to the Holy Spirit letting Him heal and change us. And it is in the quietness of speech that we are able to hear our Savior.

“In the space between your thoughts, there is truth.”

I love this quote because though we may still our bodies, sometimes our minds are racing. We need to pray for peace to be able to calm our minds. It is then that we can hear what the Spirit is saying. Even in the midst of chaos, you can find peace and be still. Sounds impossible at times, right? Your thoughts are the accelerator to your outcome. I really feel that God just gave that to me! Your thoughts determine whether you have peace or chaos. So pray to have your thoughts and mind renewed so that you can enter into His stillness and rest. Because then, you can experience a refreshing and gain focus.

I encourage you to come away from the every day busyness and to reflect. It is difficult at times because life brings many distractions, but it is so needful. It may be that morning or evening devotion time. It may be a lunch hour to find a quiet spot or to retreat to your car. Whenever or wherever, it is so beneficial in taking time to just be still. Life brings struggles and at times you may want to fix things, be heard, or make wrongs right. There are times when you need to act, do or speak, but many times you just need to be still and pray. He is your defender.

God Bless your ‘still’ souls!


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