pursuing peace..

Back on the blog, with a monthly dose of Candor. I am finally able to blog after months off. What a whirlwind 2018 has been! This year has been a mixture of busy and calm, overwhelming and rewarding, pressured yet incredibly beautiful all at once. But through it all, there is this astounding peace that comes when you feel you are functioning as God created you to. I have had to challenge my creative, multi-tasking side in many ways. In doing so, I found myself to be unbelievably productive, and in turn had some sweet, personal and relational successes! That expressed, the peaceful calm that has remained through the ups and downs is the real treasure!

But none of that, not any of it, would be remotely possible without a Savior that grants this peace and gives us our desires, while encouraging us to be all we can and were created to be. Because of Him, no matter what may come our way, we can have abundant peace. This peace is not just in the calm times, or successes or even in what we call perfect living. It also comes in those less than ideal times….times when you have 1000 things to fit into 7 days, or when you ought to be that hope to someone desperately in need when time is of the essence or even when you might struggle to understand the whys of many undesirable events that may surround you. In today’s world especially, we must pray to keep ourselves as the peaceful calm in the midst of our stormy surroundings.

Seek and pursue peace.

Pursuing peace…But how?

If I had to quickly convey what I felt brought a sense of peace, I would say…

  • Being home! Home is my happy place. Yes, I love the atmosphere that we have created our dwelling to be but much more than that, is my family! Being there is super comfortable, but being there with them is beautiful. They are home to me.
  • Another thing that bring me external peace is organization. Chaos is an enemy and rids us of peaceful surroundings.
    Other ways include avoiding arguments, or confronting when needed, holding our tongues, or exercising our bodies to rid ourselves of the stresses that encompass our lives.
  • That’s just a few things that remind me of holding my ground and bringing quietness of heart.
  • But actually what’s very important is internal peace. It is not what you have created around you but instead what exists inside of you. Peace of mind, body and spirit is a gift that only God gives. It is knowing His word, living it out to the best that we can, cultivating a relationship and having a hope that comes from above.

    Hope and love yield peaceful serenity. When you know that you are loved, which you are and have a hope of His salvation, that brings everlasting peace. There is not a thing that compares. Find your peace and live there. Be a peacemaker and relate peaceably with others. When you realize that everyone is different and changing others is not in your power, nor is your responsibility, that in and of itself brings peace.

    As we approach Christmas, I pray that you would experience that inner calmness of spirit and experience His heavenly peace! It’s yours for the taking!

    Isaiah 26:3…..You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.

    God Bless your sweet souls,


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