Ebb + Flow…

The ups, downs, the contented in between. The highs, the lows, the bitter and the sweet. The pulling back, the pushing ahead, the good times and the not so good moments. These are all a part of life. Where does your current situation fall in the grand scheme? Are you happy and joyful or sad and dismayed? Or maybe you are just OK. Sort of status quo?

Ebbs and flows are bound to be a constant in this thing called life. Don’t mistake the ebb as only bad and the flow as only good. That is not the case. If there was constant, unending FLOW only, that could drown out times of learning, reflection, and change (THE EBB). A good example of ‘flow’ is a lovely vacation at a beach. Oh how we all love that, right?! Well, the ebb was the steady working in your job with all of your might to be able to afford that getaway. The steady day in and day out of being productive. I find it very rewarding. And if we only ever had vacation, you would lose that sense of accomplishment in life! There is joy. There are hardships. There is time for work and time for play. There are ebbs and there are flows.

Circumstances change all around us, but there is One Who remains unchanged! He loves us and nothing we could ever do or say could change that love! He is love. Perfect, without flaw, unconditional and unchanging love. He is with us in the ebb and in the flow. When it feels like the world may be crashing all around you, He is the calm in the storm. Steady. Fixed. Unfailing. Enduring. UNCHANGING! How sweet is that? In a world without absolutes, we have a God who is a constant! I am super grateful that I can rely on that hope!


We cannot always have all flow because, though it may be a time of peace and blessing, without the ebb, you might find yourself stagnant. Even with our relationships with our spouses, it is not always “lovey dovey”. Let’s face it. Yes, love is grand and marriage is such an incredible gift from God. Remember though, with two imperfect individuals, it will not never be the same fairytale day in and day out. It takes work. Hard work! It is life’s hardest work at times, but it is undoubtedly life’s greatest blessing!

“Relationships ebb and flow, like the waves of the sea. They swell with intimacy, passion, and energy and then naturally wane through periodic episodes of separateness, quietness and space.”

Sometimes, we crave the intimacy and other times, we need the quiet space. So whether by choice or not, there is a God Who is always available and never separate.

And so, through the ups and downs, the beautiful and the unlovely in life, seek the One who is with you through it all.  Stay steady through the transitions.  And keep the joy! Always keep the joy!  Embrace those Ebbs+Flows.

God Bless your sweet souls,


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